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South Louisiana has a long, rich history of delicious Cajun dishes like gumbos and jambalayas. 

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czas gryok. 90-120 minut
wiek graczyod 12 lat
liczba graczydla 2-4 graczy
Instrukcja: angielska
Wydanie: angielsko-niemieckie
Wydawca: Spielworxx

South Louisiana has a long, rich history of delicious Cajun dishes like gumbos and jambalayas. A big part of what makes these meals so great is the seafood in them that is fished from the Gulf of Mexico.
The men and women who run the shrimp boats that fish that seafood have to be both hard working and crafty to find the optimum strategy to bring in the best catch. They are the Captains of the Gulf.
With just 8 weeks in the fishing season, every decision is critical. Who will you hire as your crew? What upgrades will you invest in to improve your boat? Which fishing licenses will you add? You will need to consider all these options and spend your money wisely. Every addition to your boat should be considered with care, as the money you invest to improve your chance of success is the same that will determine your standing at the end of the fishing season. 
Invest wisely, plan well, and sell your catch to prominent ports in the Gulf of Mexico. Will you be able to out plan, out maneuver, and out fish your opponents? Do all of this well and in the end, you will stand as the greatest of all the Captains of the Gulf!

Zawartość pudełka:

  1. 1 Main Game Board,
  2. 4 Player Boards,
  3. 140 playing cards,
  4. 4 Wooden Boats,
  5. 12 Wooden Bonus and Fuel Tank Markers,
  6. 4 Wooden Action Track Markers,
  7. 15 Wooden Discs,
  8. 56 Coins,
  9. 84 Seafood/Cooked Seafood Tiles,
  10. 3 Port Bonus Tiles,
  11. 6 Port Sales Track Reward Tiles,
  12. 2 Rulesbooklets (English/German),
  13. 8 Reference Sheets (four each in English & German),
  14. 8 Cargo Box Tiles,
  15. 8 Fuel Tank Tiles,
  16. 24 Depletion/Repopulation Tiles,
  17. 16 Bonus Tiles
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Autor: Jason Dinger
Miejsce w rankingu: 5032
Ocena użytkowników: 7.68733 /10.0
Gra wykorzystuje mechaniki: Hand Management, Pick-up and Deliver
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