Gąbka do Kill Team: Reivers

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Gąbka do Kill Team: Reivers .

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Wydawca: Feldherr

They spread fear and panic in the kill zones with their brutal, merciless terror tactics: The Reivers really are as hard as it gets! Still, when the battle is over they like it soft and safe. Which is why we at Feldherr designed a home for them.

Our foam tray for Kill Team: Reivers features 10 compartments which are custom cut to hold your Fangs of Ulfrich miniatures. Your little terrorists are thus in very good hands. In addition to the minis, the tray will also hold game material like e.g. dice and tokens.

The tray has the following dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 45 mm. Since the tray comes with a 10 mm base, the effective usable height of the compartments is 45 mm - 10 mm = 35 mm.

Dimensions of the compartments:

  1. 8 compartments: 54 mm x 41 mm
  2. 2 compartments: 54 mm x 93 mm
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