Ganges: Tiger Expansion - dodatek z kalendarza adwentowego 2018(24)

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Dodatek z kalendarza adwentowego 2018

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Dostępność: W magazynie
Instrukcja: angielska
Wydanie: angielsko-niemieckie

Brettspiel Adventskalender 2018 Promo

Contents: 4 province tiles (1 per color)

1. Mix the tiles into the respective tiger pile.
2. To acquire one of these tiles, you have to carry out a normal building action and give up 2 dice of the same color of any value in the color of the respective tile.
3. As soon as you place it into you province, you receive an immediate and a permanent benefit.

The 4 provinces tiles are:

-Ashoka Pillar. (Orange) 
Immediate benefit:You receive 1 money per provincetile that is already lying in your province, including the Ashoka Pillar.
Permanent gain:Every time you use karma to turn a die to the number on the opposite side, you may change the result by +/- 1.

-Akbar's Bridge (Blue)
Immediate benefit: You may again take the earnings from the river space on which your boat is currently standing.
Permanent gain: Everytime you move your boat, you may move it 1 space further than indicated

Black Market (Purple)
Immediate benefit: You may take any 2 dice from the supply
Permanent gain: Every time you use a balcony in the palace, you may exchange 1 die of any color into 2 dice of any of the four colors

Imperial Flag (Green)
Immediate benefit: You may again use the fonction of an action space on which one of your worker is currently standing.
Permanent gain: Every time you want to carry out a palace action, you may use a die that differ+1 or -1 from the number needed.

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