Naruto Boruto Card Game: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Set

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Designed by renowned game designer Ryan Miller and Bandai! 

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Wydawca: Bandai

Designed by renowned game designer Ryan Miller and Bandai! This is an Expandable Card Game, not a collectible card game, with additional sets adding gameplay variety and player count! Get the entire set right out of the box!

  • Learn to play in five minutes! Icons quickly and clearly communicate gameplay effects.
  • Organised play program sets hobby retailers up for success with exclusive foil promo cards and playmat designs which players will love!
  • Each 2 player starter set allows players to start battling out of the box!
  • Inexpensive to play! Purchasing additional sets expands gameplay to four players or opens up an extensive variety of deck building options!
  • Each set enables two player battles!
  • Combining 2 sets enables multiplayer action and a variety of deck construction ideas! Up to 4 players can battle!


  • 108 Cards(2 Each deck is 50 Cards + Sideboard of 8 Cards)
  • 12 Double-Sized Cards
  • 2 Turn Sequence Cards
  • Play Manual ( English, French, Italian, German, Latin-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese)
  • 2 Play Sheets
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