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Dostępność: Przedsprzedaż - wysyłka po premierze ok. II kwartał 2021
czas gry ok. 30-60 minut
wiek graczyod 14 lat
liczba graczydla 2 graczy
Instrukcja: angielska
Wydanie: angielskie

Twisted Fables is a fast-paced fairy tale fighting game inspired by old-school 2D arcade fighters. In Twisted Fables players take on the roles of beloved heroines from some of history's most famous stories, myths, and legends. Plucked from their traditional settings, these characters have been thrown into a world of cybernetic assassins, magical manipulations, and malevolent darkness. These are not the classic characters you remember, but rather superpowered fables drawn from their own lands to battle across sweeping, bizarre alternate dimensions and realities. What mysterious force has drawn them together? What is the purpose of their war? Only the Weaver of Tales knows for certain.

Driven by deck building, Twisted Fables is a game for two players in 1v1 Mode or four players in 2v2 Mode (available with the separately released 2v2 Upgrade Pack.) In the game, each warrior will strengthen their abilities, learn potent new skills, unlock devastating special powers, and use unique asymmetric strategies to defeat their opponents. Even the same character may display completely different fighting styles depending on her player's decisions. The different specializations a character can choose from not only provide fantastically flexible tactical choices, but also offer one more layer of depth and surprise to this frenetic, frantic fighter. Twisted Fables brings a highly interactive experience to deck builders that you'll want to come back to again and again.

The book is opened. The fables have arisen. Let's begin.

What's in the box?
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 Fable Boards
  • 2 HP Trackers
  • 2 Epic Threshold Trackers
  • 2 Defense Trackers
  • 2 Power Trackers
  • 6 Fable Sheets
  • 6 Fable Standees with plastic stands
  • 120 Basic Cards
  • 180 Fable Cards
  • 50 Relic Cards
  • 3 Avatar Cards
  • 9 Awakening Tokens (Sleeping Beauty)
  • 12 Qi Tokens (Mulan)
  • Flood and Flame Expansion
  • Dark Machinations Expansion
  • 2v2 Upgrade Pack
  • Neoprene Game Mat
  • Plastic Token Pack
  • All-in-One Rulebook
  • 30 Full-Art Foil Epic Cards
  • 10 Highly Detailed Fable Miniatures
  • The Art of Twisted Fables
  • Storage Trays and Card Dividers
PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ: Ten przedmiot jest w przedsprzedaży i nie mamy go w magazynie gotowego do wysyłki. Przewidywana data dostawy to ok. II kwartał 2021 (termin może ulec zmianie). Zamówienia zawierające przedmioty w przedsprzedaży zostaną wysłane po skompletowaniu całego zamówienia. Jeśli zależy Ci na szybkiej wysyłce przedmiotów, które mamy w magazynie, zamów ten produkt w oddzielnym zamówieniu.
Ostrzeżenie! Produkt zawiera małe elementy. Nieodpowiednie dla dzieci w wieku poniżej 3 lat.