Chamber of Wonders KS Edition
Chamber of Wonders KS Edition
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Chamber of Wonders KS Edition
Chamber of Wonders KS Edition

Chamber of Wonders KS Edition

liczba graczy 2-4 graczy
wiek graczy od 14 lat
czas gry poniżej 30 minut
czas gry wydanie angielskie
249,95 zł

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As british members of aristocracy, in a fascinating 19th century London, you have to set up the most amazing and impressive Chamber of Wonders.

In the british nobles' shoes, rich and bored, you are about to follow a new and bizarre fashion: the construction of a private "Chamber of Wonders", a small museum in your home filled with the most weird artifacts and natural wonders from all around the world.

It will be a race against your friends and rivals to see who will boast the best selection of the strangest objects. You will visit auction houses, do business with shady dealers, or search for unlikely artifacts in the shops of Piccadilly. Who will be able to exhibit the most impressive collection of wonders?

In this game, your objective is to set up the best Chamber of Wonders by collecting Wonder Cards by sending your Agents in London's various areas (using money, bids, etc.) and placing them into your Display Cabinet. Each player, with his actions, scores Fame points.

Chamber of Wonders is a special boardgame in the fact that the dynamic setup defines the set of rules that will be used in each game. Completely different game mechanics are added or removed to the game, either by using defined setups or by completely randomizing the game board - your choice. With more than 150 combinations of areas and contacts, each game feels different from the previous.

Uwaga: to jest edycja Kickstarter. W cenie otrzymujesz:

  • Chamber of Wonders KS edition
  • 2 KS exclusive expansions unlocked with daily SGs
  • Special unlocked Stretch Goals

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