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  • 93,64 zł
    Coup: Rebellion G54 is a new standalone game that takes the same simple Coup mechanisms and rules, but with a variable deck of 25 characters, and in each game you choose to play with five out of the 25, so the relative power and advantage of each character changes from game to game.
  • 85,45 zł
    Grifters is a hand-building game that has all the fun of deck-building games, without the deck
  • 136,41 zł
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    Brave Delvers from across the realm have journeyed to seek their fortune within the dungeons of Skull Cavern. Gold, treasures, and perilous encounters await behind every door! Grab your gear, sharpen your swords, and watch out for those kobolds!
  • 245,61 zł
    Path of Light and Shadow is a massive empire-building experience, combining area control, deck management, and civilization customization.
  • 50,87 zł
    You are head of a family in an Italian city-state, a city run by a weak and corrupt court. You need to manipulate, bluff and bribe your way to power.
  • 111,84 zł
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    The saga begins again! Refresh your campaign with Aeon’s End: Legacy Reset Pack.
  • 84,54 zł
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    Grifters operate on the fringes of The Dystopian Universe, eager to take advantage of every opportunity to profit from the chaos caused by the resistance.
  • 54,51 zł
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    Reformation is an expansion to Coup.
  • 45,41 zł
    Coup: Guatemala 1954 – Anarchy, an expansion for La Mame Games' Coup: Guatemala 1954, adds seven new roles and actions to that game for more vicious fun: Anarchists, Paramilitary, Arms Dealers, Freedom of press, World Bank, Plantation owners, and Socialists.
Produkty 1 - 9 z 9 produktów