Planechase Anthology

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Planechase Anthology showcases cards, both Planar and normal, from Planechase and Planechase (2012 Edition).

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Planechase is a multiplayer Magic: the Gathering format in which players use two decks—a regular Magic deck and a second deck composed of unique, oversized cards called Planes, which shift throughout the game and influence play in powerful ways.

This deluxe set includes the four ready-to-play decks from Planechase 2012 Edition: Chaos Reigns, Night of the Ninja, Primordial Hunger, and Savage Auras. It also gathers all 86 planar cards from all Planechase releases—including promotional cards—in one place for the first time.


  1.     4 ready-to-play 60-card decks, each with eight rare cards
  2.     86 oversized planar cards
  3.     4 slide deck boxes
  4.     1 oversized slide deck box
  5.     35 double-sided token cards
  6.     1 special edition planar die
  7.     4 Spindown life counters
  8.     Strategy insert

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