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In Newton, players take the role of a young scientist who wants to become one of the great geniuses of this period.

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Dostępność: W magazynie
czas gryok. 90-120 minut
wiek graczyod 14 lat
liczba graczydla 1-4 gracza
Instrukcja: angielska
Wydanie: angielskie

Around the middle of the 17th century with the advent of the scientific method, a period of great change begins, called the scientific revolution. Many great scientists, with their theories and ideas, change our perception of the universe: Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon and, above all, Sir Isaac Newton.

In Newton, players take the role of a young scientist who wants to become one of the great geniuses of this period. To do this, they travel around Europe, visit universities and cities, study to discover new theories, build new tools, and work to earn money.

The game is played over six rounds. Each round, every player plays five cards from their hand, with each played card allowing the player to perform one of the game's actions. An action has a variety of effects, which depend on the symbols of that action visible on the board. At the end of the round, a player can take back all the cards played except one. One card has to be left on the board, which means that you give up one possibility of doing that action, but also that the action will be carried out with greater strength. Fortunately, you can acquire new cards that will allow you to perform more actions and with additional powers.

After six rounds, you calculate your final scoring, and the player with the most VP wins.

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Informacje z BGG
Autor: Simone Luciani, Nestore Mangone
Miejsce w rankingu: 1546
Ocena użytkowników: 7.75254 /10.0
Gra wykorzystuje mechaniki: Card Drafting, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Tile Placement
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