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Drivers, Start Your Engines!Will you cross the finish line first? Now is your chance to find out! Automobiles is a deck‑building game where the fun is

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Drivers, Start Your Engines!
Will you cross the finish line first? Now is your chance to find out! Automobiles is a deck‑building game where the fun is cubed. Instead of cards, you’ll be building your collection with cubes. Your cubes not only allow you to race your car around the track, but they will also allow you to improve your handling, optimize your pit crew, and boost your speed, which are your keys to victory!

Catalog Text
The goal of the game is to cross the finish line first! You accomplish this by customizing your race car and surrounding yourself with the best crew. Your race car and crew are represented by a collection of cubes garnered from various options that will be available to you. Starting with the same small set of cubes, each player will build their collection as you play the game. Use these cubes to enhance your performance, train your pit crew, and ensure your race car runs as effectively as possible. Be the first to cross the finish line and watch that checkered flag wave!

Bullet Points

  1. Part of the award-winning Destination Fun series (Trains, Planes and Automobiles).
  2. Exciting racing game where you customize your car (and strategy) as you play!
  3. Features a double-sided board with two race tracks for increased replay value.
  4. Innovative twist to the deck-building genre by using colored cubes instead of cards.
  5. A large variety of effects and abilities creates a tremendous replay value and deep tactical strategies.

Zawartość produktu:

  1. 1 Double–Sided Game Board
  2. 5 Wooden Race Car Tokens
  3. 5 Double Sided Player Sheets
  4. 5 Wooden Lap Markers
  5. 1 Starting Player Card
  6. 1 Wear Card
  7. 4 Gear Cards
  8. 4 Garage Cards
  9. 4 Pit Cards
  10. 4 Handling Cards
  11. 4 Performance Cards
  12. 4 Engine Cards
  13. 7 Dividers
  14. 5 Draw Bags
  15. 30 White 3rd Gear Cubes
  16. 28 Light Gray 4th Gear Cubes
  17. 24 Dark Gray 5th Gear Cubes
  18. 16 Black 6th Gear Cubes
  19. 80 Brown Wear Cubes
  20. 40 Yellow Garage Cubes
  21. 16 Purple Pit Cubes
  22. 16 Red Handling Cubes
  23. 16 Green Performance Cubes
  24. 16 Blue Engine Cubes
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