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Feldherr foam tray set for Way of the Panda board game box

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Wydawca: Feldherr

There's quite some turmoil in the Middle Empire. A gang of nasty Ninjas holds Xian, the Eastern province of the Pandas, occupied. Thank God there's a new Emperor on the Black Lotus Throne, willing to do what it takes to regain control of the Panda lands. He assigns you to the mission. Are you up for it? Great!

Before you immerse yourself head over heels into the game, we at Feldherr suggest to first organise your troops. After all, you'd like to have your Heroes and Guards ready when you need them, right?

In that case, we have something for you: Our Foam Tray Set for Way of the Panda allows you to sort and safely store ALL components of the board game. The Set consists of two stackable, custom cut foam trays. The first tray has 60 compartments and will hold guards, heroes, clan markers and accessories like Initial Building Cards and Mission Tiles. The second tray has 40 compartments which provide a safe space for City Bases, buildings and further accessories like road-, quest- or strength tiles. By the way, the Set fits exactly into the Original Board Game box – nothing slips, nothing wobbles. On top of it, a foam topper which protects the game material of the uppermost tray is included


The Set contains:

  • 1 foam tray (295 mm x 295 mm x 35 mm height) for guards, heroes, clan markers and accessories
  • 1 foam tray (295 mm x 295 mm x 30 mm height) for City Bases, buildings and accessories
  • 1 foam topper

Due to the total height of the trays, the Set slightly extends over the edge of the Original Board Game box.

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