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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Earth's Mightiest Core Set

The battle continues with the Earth's Mightiest Core Set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Featuring 13 all-new miniatures of iconic heroes and villains, this set invites players to assemble their own team from across the Marvel Universe and leap back into battles of cataclysmic proportions. Beyond choosing their teams, this set also empowers players to customize every aspect of their Marvel: Crisis Protocol experience with 26 terrain miniatures to build their battlefields, 6 new Crisis Cards featuring new scenarios, and 20 Team Tactic cards that fine-tune their teams' abilities.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Mordo & Ancient One

Two masters of magic enter the fray with the Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Mordo & Ancient One! Baron Karl Mordo learned his impressive magical ability by training with the Ancient One. He has long been one of Doctor Strange’s greatest foes and has consorted with darker powers like Dormammu in his efforts to destroy the Sorcerer Supreme.

Meanwhile, the Ancient One was born more than 500 years ago and learned how to unlock the mystical power of the universe to work magic. Becoming the first Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One is one of the most powerful magic wielders in the world, sworn to protect the world against evil magic and those who use it.

This pack brings these characters to Marvel: Crisis Protocol, inviting players to unleash their powerful magic in battle. In it, players will find beautifully sculpted, unpainted Mordo and Ancient One miniatures for them to assemble and customize. Once they enter battle, these characters enhance their teams with a vast array of mystical abilities that only get stronger with the aid of three Team Tactic Cards depicting powerful objects such as the Orb of Agamotto.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Ursa Major & Red Guardian

Mikhail Ursus is Ursa Major, who possesses the ability to transform into an enormous humanoid brown bear. His government may have initially made Mikhail a target, but he was eventually enrolled in a special agent program by the nefarious Professor Phobos. He was trained as the agent Ursa Major and fought for the government before parting ways with his former masters. No matter what team he’s affiliated with, Ursa Major fights for the Russian people with honor and a love for his country.

Nikolai Krylenko is the Red Guardian, a superhuman born in Russia with the power to withstand nearly all electromagnetic, kinetic, and gravitronic energy. The sibling of Darkstar, Krylenko has long served as the hero Vanguard. As the Red Guardian, he wields a modified vibranium shield that can capture and enhance his abilities. The eighth man to don the uniform of the Red Guardian, Krylenko’s reputation as an accomplished soldier and defender continues to grow.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - X-23 & Honey Badger

Laura Kinney, or X-23, is the 23rd attempt by the Facility, an offshoot of the Weapons Plus Program, to create a genetic copy of the mutant Wolverine. She was born to be a living weapon and had minimal human contact to enhance her savage and killer instincts. X-23 is a peerless fighter and assassin with all the mutant abilities of Wolverine, including a superhuman ability to heal from any injury, lightning-fast reflexes, and retractable adamantium-coated claws in her hands and feet.

Alchemax Genetics created Gabrielle Kinney from the building blocks of X-23’s genetic makeup. She was trained by Alchemax to serve as a bodyguard and elite fighter who possessed the same regenerative ability as Laura Kinney and Wolverine, as well as retractable bone claws. Her creators further enhanced her to be impervious to pain through an Alchemax nanite therapy, a painful process that shortened the lifespan of its subjects. She ultimately broke free from her cruel makers in Alchemax with the aid of her rebellious sisters and assumed the identity of Honey Badger as a member of the X-Men.


  • 1x Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Earth's Mightiest Core Set
  • 1x Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Mordo & Ancient One
  • 1x Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Ursa Major & Red Guardian
  • 1x Marvel: Crisis Protocol - X-23 & Honey Badger

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