Sushi Boat  (edycja Kickstarter)
Sushi Boat  (edycja Kickstarter)
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Sushi Boat  (edycja Kickstarter)
Sushi Boat  (edycja Kickstarter)

Sushi Boat (edycja Kickstarter)

liczba graczy 2-5 graczy
wiek graczy od 8 lat
czas gry ok. 30-60 minut
czas gry wydanie angielskie

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Welcome to Sushi Boat! We are proud to offer you the finest delicacies, hand-crafted by our master sushi chef. Are you new to conveyor belt sushi? You’ll love it! Our chef creates masterpieces and places them on the belt, which brings the sushi right to you.

Just grab whatever looks good as it passes you by and enjoy! Our staff is also on hand to help you if you need it. So take a seat—it’s all you can eat!

Each turn, players perform their choice of actions, including taking plates of sushi off the revolving 'belt' on the board, paying staff tiles for effects, buying side dishes and more.

As you eat, you’ll stack your Plates in front of you. You score points by eating off matching Plates, and for eating a wide variety of sushi types. And you’ll need to pay attention all the time, because you never know when someone will start a Wasabi Challenge!

When the side dish deck runs out, the game ends and players calculate their victory points - highest score wins!

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